Do What You Enjoy!

Sometimes when it comes to your workouts - It's great to have no plan. It's great just to come in, Enjoy your workout, Maybe do something you've never done before and ultimately switch it up!

We don't always need to be regimented to sets, reps and time to allow us to have a great workout. 

There's times where I'll come in and abandon my plan completely - And trust me, I'm one of the most regimented guys you'll meet. I have workout plans from 11 years ago still on file and diet plans that I've carried out. Yet, I know mentally and physically it can be good just to let go and do some fun things every so often. 

Today for instance, I was scheduled to do percentages on Bench Press then some accessory work. Yes, I carried out my percentages BUT then I decided to do 1RM Push Press.


Because it was fun - It broke things up and allowed me to have a great time throughout my workout. The result - I did something I'd never achieved (A PB on Push-Press), I had an enjoyable workout and I left feeling great. 

So the next time you step foot in the gym and feel demotivated or fed up with your current structure - Do not be afraid to mix it up - Change things and give yourself a different perspective! 

You might just learn a thing or two,