Go Back To Basics

When it comes to training, a lot of the time we try and overcomplicate matters. 

The latest workout routine, the thing you seen last in a magazine that your favourite athlete was doing or similar. 

We need to understand what works - the things that have stood the test of time. 

Weight training - Compounds and Isolations 

Cardio - Liss and Hiit

Functional Movements - Oly lifts 

I’ve found myself wandering off time and time again to things that are completely out with my enjoyment or expertise just because I think it will be best for my goals. 

Yet knowing deep down that what I enjoy doing and has gotten me the best results is the basics. 

I want to get stronger so I bench, squat, deadlift in low rep ranges. 

I carry out progressive overload weekly 

I was to get better at distance cardio so I do 10 mile runs 

I want to be more functional so I do oly lifts and other functional movements. 

That. Is. It. 

No military viral Facebook videos that you see of a navy seal doing push-ups with a compadre on his back. 

No BS methods you see in a bodybuilding magazine with a guy (you know how he got that look) telling you to do hypersets and so on. 

Just basic, simple sheer hard work and tried and tested movements. 

My parting advice? 

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid,

Andrew McGee