Stay Fit This Easter With Chocolate Eggs Alternative

Easter Sunday is fast approaching, and there’s no better way to celebrate this day than to indulge yourself to some chocolate craving like you used to, especially Easter Chocolate eggs.

However, for health and fitness conscious folks out there, Easter chocolate eggs both pose an invitation and a warning. Chocolate eggs are tempting as they are, but once you learn how much calories, sugar, and fat you’ll get, I’m sure you’ll think twice.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong enjoying chocolate with your family this Easter. We just need to be mindful how much we consume just to make sure you don’t go beyond what nutritionist recommends as your daily intake based on your age.

A 2018 survey by Wren Kitchens revealed which of these chocolate eggs, depending on the size, have the least and most amount of calories, fat, and sugar contents. The chart below summarizes the top and popular chocolate eggs we found in the market and grocery stores, and the results are pretty surprising:

The list also shows the least and worst offenders per size category. As you can see from the list, size matters, and the bigger the size, the higher calories, fat and sugar you can get. For instance, under the Large XL Eggs category, Snickers Milk Chocolate Large Easter Egg and Chocolate is equivalent 3 1/2 McDonald’s Dairy Milk McFlurrys or 11 glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts in terms of sugar content.

Most importantly, we should be aware that recommended daily intake of added sugar for children aged 4-6 should be 5 cubes (19 grams), 7-10 years is 6 cubes (24 grams), and 11 years and beyond is 7 cubes (30 grams).

If you are going to review the chart, most of them are already over children’s recommended daily intake, starting from small-size chocolate egg category.

And we know very well where too much sugar consumption can lead to: harmful fat build-up which in turn results to weight gain,tooth decay, and to a more serious conditions such as diabetes.

Similarly, calories are a serious business. Here’s a handy online calculator by Bidvine you can use to know how much exercise you need to burn off the calories from UK’s favourite Easter eggs. As an example, one would have to do either 96 minutes of running, almost 2 hours of push-ups, or roughly an hour of swimming just to burn off the UK’s most popular choice, Cadbury Crème Egg.

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Whatever you choose to eat, make sure to stay fit and take everything in moderation. Happy Easter everyone!

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