Top 10 Ways To Burn Fat & Gain Muscle in 2019

Top 10 Ways to Burn Fat and Gain Muscle in 2019 (The Right Way)

If something's worth doing, it's worth doing right. And there may be nothing worth doing more than taking care of your health.

But taking the wrong approach to your health can leave you back where you started – or put you off getting healthy altogether. That's why you need to take the right approach to building a better you.

It's not as complicated as it sounds, don't worry. Here are 10 ways to burn fat and gain muscle in 2019 – the right way.

1. Start at the Shop

Burning fat and gaining muscle begins in the supermarket.

We can only eat what we have in our cupboards, so shopping right is how you'll set yourself up for success. Create a meal plan and list out your healthy ingredients before you go anywhere near a shop. With a plan formed in advance, you'll do a better job of sticking to your list.

This does more than set the tone for your fat-burning lifestyle. It also makes it physically harder to load your body up with trans fats and sugars.

And never go shopping hungry. You're far more likely to make impulse purchases you'll regret later.

2. Account for Your Calories

Humans, on the whole, are terrible at self-policing. We need accountability to get anything done.

Nowhere is this more evident than in our diets. If you're not held accountable for controlling your diet (and that's most of us), then you only have a vague idea of what you're eating.

Keeping track of your calories is the first step to holding yourself accountable. When you know what you're putting in, you'll start to see how it ends up on the hips.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Over 27% of people now say they don't get regular, quality sleep.

But the impact of getting little or poor-quality sleep is astounding. Among the many ways it can subtly undermine our lives is in our weight retention. Scientists have found that people who report poor sleep are more likely to be obese, and conditions like sleep apnoea have a known impact on weight gain.

Sleep is also when your body does its most efficient repair job, so it's vital to building muscle.

4. Find Good Fats

For decades, it was fat that took the brunt of the blame for poor dietary health. Fats are high in calories, but they're vital to keeping us supple and healthy.

The trick lies in avoiding saturated and trans fats, as these cause high cholesterol and other complications. But healthy fats of the kind found in sunflower oil and fatty fish will help you hit your fat quota without setting yourself up for future problems.

5. Find Friendly Carbs

So if fat isn't the enemy, then what is? The complicated answer is “everything in moderation”, but if you're looking for an easy target, then carbohydrates offer some answers.

Carbs aren't inherently bad, despite what fad diets may say. But fibre and starch have more to offer than the free sugars that sneak their way into our diets. Aim to swap out the bad carbs you eat in the form of free sugars with healthy carb sources like whole grains and legumes.

6. Health is Where the Heart Is

When you're burning fat and building muscle, there are two main types of exercise you need to tackle.

Cardio is the first. This is the kind of exercise that gives your heart and lungs a workout. Walking, running, and stair-climbing are all examples of good cardio activity.

Cardio burns calories, but it also gives you a strong foundation for future improvements. The better your cardio, the better your body can handle being pushed to its limits.

7. A Matter of Muscle

The second type of exercise you'll need is strength training. Resistance exercise builds your muscle groups. It's less effective at burning calories (which is why sit-ups won't give you a flat stomach), but they improve local strength and endurance.

If you're in the market for muscle gains, strength training is where you'll find it. But good strength training technique doesn't begin and end with lifting weights. Even if you're still on the low end of muscle definition, cutting your body fat will reveal what you have on offer.

8. Be Pro-Protein

Most people don't need extra protein in their daily life. Meat, cheeses, and nuts are all examples of common, everyday foods that provide a protein injection. By increasing your intake of those, you can give your muscles what they need to repair and grow stronger.

If you need some extra help, protein supplements like powders and shakes can bolster your supply of these essential biological building blocks.

9. Just Keep Swimming

If there's an exercise equivalent to so-called “miracle foods”, then swimming could be it.

There's no exercise like swimming to give you a low-impact, full-body workout. The resistance of the water builds strength, while the effort reinforces your cardiovascular health. But despite its effectiveness as a workout, swimming is accessible to almost anyone, even those with bad backs and dodgy knees.

If you aren't getting your money's worth out of the gym, then consider a pool membership to see you through 2019.

10. Don't Drink Your Calories

If the words “healthy drink” and “fruit” still go together in your head, then it may be time to change your thinking.

Fruit juices, despite their friendly marketing persona, are a slimmer's nightmare. They're stuffed full of sugars. Your body struggles to process even natural fructose when it's divorced from the fibre content of whole fruit.

Remember that fruit juices are a treat. You should only drink them in moderation, and in small portions.

Burning Fat in 2019 the Right Way

These 10 methods to burn fat and gain muscle in 2019 can set you on the road to a better you. But it will always take some hard work to get there and there are few quick wins. If you want to improve your health, you need to be ready to commit.

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