What gets measured - Gets managed.

Ever thought you were doing great with a few weeks of exercise and good eating. Only to stand on the scales or get those bodyfat calipers measured and realise you're results are exactly the same? 

Yip, You're not the only one. 

You see, We all have an altered perspective of what we actually do day in and day out. And most of us give ourselves credit very quickly when we eat well but don't change that opinion when we eat badly. 

This is why - The fitness industry has multiple gadgets that allow you to track things. 



Food consumption

Calories burned


And so on....

Now a lot of these gadgets are just flashy watches, but the data is important. 

Whether you like it or not - It's important that we track our food and fluid intake. It's important that we track our workout frequency and intensity. It's important that we track our sleep and our total daily energy expenditure (TDEE). This allows us to understand what we are REALLY doing day to day. It forces us to move more, It forces us to eat better or less and it forces us to get that additional sleep at night. 

The metrics don't lie - they have no opinion or sides to take. All they have are facts. Facts that we can use and work with. 

Without this - We have no real basis to see what we've been doing - We have no reference points and ultimately we are chancing it and hoping for the best. 

If you've been going on a wim for the past few months and not getting anywhere -  Spend these next 30 days tracking what you are doing, Use your phone for convenience or use your pen and paper if you're oldschool!

Track, Monitor, Measure, Manage - This will be your success formula for the next 30 days. 

Stay focused,