About Us

Athletic Generation was created to provide true ethical sales of premium gym wear and all your favourite sports supplements.

AG began by stocking only one brand until the demand was too great that we had to expand our lines and also our visions.

We have now grown into one of largest independent supplement companies by providing full support from office along with full quality and service from a 5000 Sq/Ft Warehouse.

We owe all our success to our loyal customers and aim to provide you with the best services from the moment you click on our website all the way through to receiving your products and beyond.

We commit to continually progressing, continually moving forward and providing YOU the best service possible.

Our Principles 

Athletic Generation has principles in place that our staff follow and abide by from bottom level to top.

You are buying from people, not a company 

All our staff practice what they preach. 

We want you to be here for life - not a single order 

We ALWAYS want to hear your feedback!